Discover the Sauce Hotel and Sauce up your next adventure

Arrange delicious and unforgettable vacation at the Sauce Hotel! Our new exciting hotel has everything you will need to spend a delightful year of fun at this bright, aesthetically pleasing and exciting new hotel. The hotel complex is located in an outstanding location surrounded by the Toros mountains and the Mediterranean Sea as the backdrop. The hotel is on the coastline with the Mediterranean Sea inviting you to swim or sit at the beach and enjoy the sun or the sunset.

The hotel is 50 km. from the Antalya International Airport of Antalya, and short 5-minute walking from the Kemer city center. The total area of the hotel is 20.000 m². Plenty of space to sterol around and enjoy the refreshing facilities.

For your comfort, there are large well designed spacious rooms and 150-meter private beach, outdoor swimming pools for adults and children. Our animation team has unique daily programs that provide non-stop entertainment. We invite you to plunge into the unique atmosphere of the year around Food Festival with a multitude of individually designed mobile food trucks with delectable cuisine from around the world. At a relaxed and leisurely pace, you can enjoy the cuisine from the four corners of the world. If you prefer a more formal atmosphere, try the dishes from renowned chief’s in our à la carte restaurants the (add name of restaurant)

The idea of the food trucks concept came about during our travels around the world to find the very best cuisine for the Sauce hotel, but the best national food is served in mobile trailers in a light and casual way. And today, we found so many interesting tastes and flavor that decided to add this collection of the unique variety of flavors in one place, our hotel. At the Sauce Hotel Food Festival, you can not only have a good time and great food experience but also make new friends during tastings.

We created a vision in a
large boiler for a long time.
We kept it waiting at medium heat.
We continued to be inspired
by joyful presentations, colorful
and exciting tastes from all
over the world.
Our boiler started to be
heated, we combined a professional team,
visionary ideas and inspirations.
We kept making additions in time.
Global needs, local spices,
creative presentations, destination specific
products and critical aspects involved.
Quality is essential in all
details in the boiler.
We used plenty of play,
humor and entertainment.
When everything got heated
up and mixed with each other
with passion, it yielded a creative
style, a tasteful mixture!
You can call it SAUCE.
Nothing is complete without
the sauce, that colorful final
touch prepared with experience.
Even the nature provides us
with the same geography with different
sauces colored by 4 seasons,
so don’t you think it is time
to go beyond the ordinary?
The long awaited breaks of life,
holidays! What if we redefine your
holiday with an approach which
denies what is routine?
How about having some sauce?
Yes! Get Sauced.
A manifest against hotels
which offer a theme only on the outside,
modes of entertainment which ignore
the content and try to finish all with
a superficial perception and
unchanging holiday tastelessness
although the location varies. Sauce!
An impressive crossroads of the
best for you, which you
always dream of.
The idea of excitement
surrounds you.The enthusiasm
inside is waiting to be unleashed.